Saturday, 18 August 2012

New Prints, August 2012

Two new limited edition prints from the Tom Paine Printing Press in August 2012. The top one is for the London Art Book Fair at the Whitechapel Gallery in September, and the bottom one is just for fun, but I'll be showing it at the Whittington Press open day on 1st September, at the Whitechapel, and also at the Dorchester Abbey print show in October.

Monday, 30 July 2012


This just about sums it up! 
A new letterpress print by PeterChasseaud

See work by Peter Chasseaud and The Tom Paine Printing Press at:

Whittington Press Open Day - first Saturday in September
Whitechapel Art Book Fair in September
Dorchester Abbey, Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire in October
CODEX artists book fair in Berkeley, California, in February 2013

Sunday, 22 April 2012


April 2012 already! I can't believe it's April already, and so much recent work to add. There's never enough time! I've been steadily printing new letterpress items of the wooden Common Press and the 1843 Albion, and also just completed writing an article for Matrix on Hilary Pepler and St Dominic's Press. I'm also getting commissions for book and magazine covers (e.g. VIVA LEWES December 2011), invitations, letterheads and business cards, and these, of course, take up even more time. But people love the clear letterpress impression on dampened hand-made paper, just as they love the Tom Paine Printing Press printing house and gallery at 151 High Street, Lewes. Several times a week I'm told 'What a wonderful shop' by entranced visitors.

The last letterpress book I produced was BLAST?, a large folio printed on the Common Press, which was shown last December by Art & Fiction in Lausanne, Switzerland, at their Mode de Vie demontage event, for which I also designed and printed the posters. Here are some of the page spreads.

The most recent letterpress broadside I printed was A Good Booke, being quotations from Milton's Areopagitica. Image to follow.