Wednesday, 9 April 2008

British Library Gutenberg Press event, May 2008

An event at the British Library in May 2008 that might be of interest (the Gutenberg press was the forerunner of the Common Press):

The Machine That Made Us
Gutenberg's Brilliant Invention
Tuesday 6 May 2008

Johann Gutenberg's printing press, which brought about the dawn of mass communication is of barely equalled significance in the development of human culture. His achievement reached its pinnacle with the printing of the Gutenberg Bible in 1455.

A new documentary The Machine That Made Us, presented by Stephen Fry, is screened on BBC4 in Spring 2008, and excerpts will feature in tonights event. For the programme, and in order to unravel mysteries of Gutenberg's technique, a team of experts built a unique copy of his press: watch it action at the event, alongside discussion of the remarkable story behind its invention.

Speakers include Alan May (printing expert and press builder),
Martin Andrews (University of Reading)
and Patrick McGrady (Wavelength Films).
Event time: 18.30 – 20.00
Location: Conference Centre, British Library
Price: £6 (concessions £4)
See British Library Events website

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