Sunday, 11 April 2010

Caslon Type Crisis, and some Black Letter types

I decided to set the black letter types held at The Tom Paine Printing Press, as this would help me to read them (particularly the caps) better. The specimen above shows the range from 48 point to 6 point. The first three are very old founders' type from The Caxton Press, and the descriptions I have given are those printed on the old labels on the case.


Help! I heard today from the USA that the new owners of the Dale Guild Type Foundry have decided to close down some or all of their type-casting operations, and have dumped some 1,000 lbs weight of Caslon 14 point Italic Swash and Quaint characters. I'll have to check this information, but I was relying on the Dale Guild to supply The Tom Paine Printing Press with these swash and quaint characters. Does anyone out there in the typosphere know where I can obtain these rare Caslon founts? I'm looking for all sizes from 12 point to 72 point, but particularly 14pt, 18pt and 24pt.

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